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foreign exchange
preecious metal
stock index

The world's first FT-MTF international multilateral clearing model

Brokerage business development engine

Help securities companies to quickly achieve business growth, become bigger and stronger

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We better understand the real needs of brokers

14 years of ingenuity to create 5 major solution product systems to help securities companies to efficiently carry out market business.
Broker Solution

Provide brokers (exchanges) with business operations and operation management functions such as institutional, customer operation, business operation management, and business result analysis.

money management
customer management
Live video management
Smart documentary business
Options Trading Management
MTF Management
Forex transaction management
Business Analysis
Institutional management
CRM management
Promotion activities
Trader Solution

Provide traders with online account opening, capital management, trading, training, copying and other business functions, and support trading clients for various systems of computers, mobile phones, and Pads.

PC trading platform
Account management
Live video
Web trading platform
money management
Smart documentary community
Android trading platform
Report management
IOS trading platform
team management
H5 trading platform
Information management
Feed Solution

The introduction of international dedicated line data sources such as the London Precious Metals Exchange, the Tokyo Commodity Exchange, the Intercontinental Exchange, the Chicago Exchange, and the Shanghai Futures Exchange provides services 24 hours a day.

foreign exchange
precious metal
stock index
Spot goods
digital currency
Dealer Solution

Provide a full range of risk control and management functions, identify risks through effective risk monitoring, and adopt effective measures such as avoiding risks, transferring risks, reducing losses, and taking risks.

risk control
Risk Control Plugin
Risk control management
clearing bridge
Clearing Solution

Carry out reasonable and scientific account settlement for various institutions, agents and customers in the trading platform ecosystem of brokers (exchanges).

OTC Market Centralized Clearing System
International Smart Multilateral Clearing System

Create a power engine for brokerage business development

FT-MTF International Multilateral Clearing Mode (Exchange)
Comprehensive agency rebate model (small and medium-sized brokers)

FT-MTF draws on the operation model of top international exchanges (clearing center-operation center/clearing agency-IB brokerage/intermediary-customer), and adopts the method of "daily debt-free liquidation of institutional members", allowing the transformed brokerage clients to keep their original The customer extension marketing model provides more customer source channels.

The comprehensive agent rebate system is a settlement rebate platform tailored for brokers. When investors successfully open an account and conduct foreign exchange, spot and other transactions through the agent's business channel, they can return the corresponding amount according to the transaction volume and the number of transactions. Commission.

Common choice of 300+ top brokers in the world


The server is 100% deployed overseas, supports cross-border payment, virtual currency payment, and fundamentally ensures the security of customer information and funds.

more stable

14 years of deep cultivation in the field of financial technology, with very rich service experience, a strong technical operation and maintenance team provides service support 7*24 hours.

more efficient

Mature architecture, complete set-up within 7 working days; the system can process millions of orders per second, while satisfying hundreds of thousands of customers for daily debt-free settlement

We deliver more than a system to you

One-stop, high standard, it is more worthy of your possession!

Financial License Application

Assist clients to apply for financial licenses in multiple countries, including Australian ASIC, American NFA, British FCA, Australian ASFL, and financial licenses in Switzerland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and other places, exempt from foreign exchange controls.

Overseas company registration

Assist customers to complete the registration of overseas companies such as Hong Kong, BVI, the United Kingdom, the United States, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, as well as domestic and foreign trademark registration, bank account opening and other services to enhance corporate brand value and popularity.

Technical service support

Independent research and development of a full set of construction services for trading platforms and third-party trading platforms; financial website construction; Fix clearing bridge, bridging 15 global liquidity providers to meet all your needs

Funding channel customization

We have established cooperative relationships with more than 200 banks and third-party payment companies around the world to help customers realize comprehensive capital channel docking solutions such as cross-border payment, UnionPay payment, and digital currency payment, so as to truly ensure the security of funds.

Compliance Risk Control Consultant

Provide effective guidance for brokers, and assist brokers to apply for regulatory licenses in various countries to meet the regulatory needs of institutions, truly achieve compliance operations, and develop long-term stable development.

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